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Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Pain free and relaxing, ELD is an accelerated method of getting stagnant, sticky Lymphatic fluid moving, allowing the Lymph System to function optimally, strengthening your immune system and overall sense of well being.  Sedentary lifestyles, pollution, diets low in nutrients, high in fats, sugars, additives and preservatives, and constipation contribute to our lymphatic system becoming overloaded, congested and clogged. Unfortunately, even the ‘healthiest’ and most active people can have partially blocked and sluggish Lymph Systems. Electro- Lymphatic Drainage detoxifies the body reducing stress and creating energy.


  • Energy
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification
  • Stress Reduction
  • Overall Wellness


1 hour sessions

Make sure to drink plenty of water after a session to flush away the toxins released through the lymphatic massage.


$99 / per session


I just came back from my post-surgery check-up. The surgeon sounded amazed when he told me I was his poster-child for the fastest, healthiest recovery he’s ever seen. I owe it all to the electro-lymphatic treatments before AND after my hysterectomy.
— M.H., Small Business Entrepreneur