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Our salt rooms have a stable temperature, no airborne pollutants and very little humidity. Working together, these elements provide a wonderfully relaxing healing environment.

Our facility offers 2 Salt Rooms, one for adults and one for children. Children must be accompanied by a parent or authorized adult. All rooms are equipped with leather reclining chairs. Soft soothing music is played in each room. If you choose you may also bring your own music and head-phones, something to read or you may just want to meditate or nap to enjoy your relaxing session. Lay back and breath easy!


  • Breathing
  • Stress Reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Skin Health
  • Sense of Well Being

History and how it works:

Hailed for its restorative and medicinal values, Salt Therapy has been used to help reduce and even eliminate the effects from a variety of health conditions since the days of Hippocrates. In the 1840’s, physician Felix Boczkowski observed that salt mine workers in Poland who were breathing the dry salty air in the mines on a regular basis, rarely suffered from respiratory ailments, colds or lung disease. Almost a hundred years later, a German named Karl Hermann Spannagel noticed that his patients' health improved after hiding out in the salt caves while avoiding heavy bombing during WWII.

Salt Therapy is known to compliment and enhance the effectiveness of conventional and other Complementary Alternative Medical (CAM) treatments. It has been used in hospitals and health facilities throughout Europe since the 1990’s where it has been successfully treating upper and lower respiratory ailments, skin conditions and stress. This wonderful therapy is now gaining popularity in the USA. 

Why Salt is Effective?

Salt is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. These properties help the lungs and sinuses to clear pathogens, allergens and mucous as well as opening respiratory passages making it easier to breath.

Another benefit of Salt Room Therapy is the creation of negative ions through the process of breaking salt down to the perfect microscopic sized particles (1-5 microns). These negative ions increase “good mood chemistry” in the body and the flow of oxygen to the brain relieving stress. Negative ions also naturally increase energy and improve the function of the immune system. 

Recreational and Professional Athletes

Halotherapy for Sports Performance Enhancement can help you get that edge over the competition. Salt Room Therapy is a non-invasive, non- toxic, drug free treatment, suitable for athletes of all ages.

As an athlete, your breathing pattern and lung capacity are one of the most important determinants as to whether you can achieve your maximum potential. Lung function impairment can decrease your athletic performance in spite of constant training. Integrating Salt Room Therapy into your training routine helps to deal with and prevent many underlying respiratory weaknesses specifically facing athletes.

What athletes have found is that once they have optimized their breathing they can achieve better performance using less breath. This means you have more air in reserve helping you to achieve your outstanding performance.

Benefits of Salt Room Therapy for Athletes can include:

  • Improved lung function.
  • Increased lung capacity and stamina.
  • Enhance oxygen utilization.
  • Improved sleep patterns which enhances recovery.
  • Cleanse the respiratory system.
  • Improve breathing pattern.
  • Better immunity to viruses and allergic reactions.
  • Enhance sports performance.
  • Decreases stress levels.


Each session is 45 minutes

Each of these rooms may be reserved for private sessions.



$49 / per session


The salt room experience for me has been awesome. As a lung cancer survivor I have found breathing in the salt room miraculous. My husband and I also find the experience totally relaxing. In fact we have a nice nap breathing the pure air. We highly believe in and recommend the treatment for people of all ages.
— Norma W., Philanthropist