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NES Total Health and Wellness System

Continued research at the frontier of biology is showing that the body is a structured network of information and energy fields. NES research has defined this as the Human Body-Field (HBF). This has been an area of expertise and clinical study at NES Health for more than 30 years. Pioneered by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, the NES Total Health and Wellness System has developed into a powerful combination of assessment and treatment therapies that are truly revolutionary.

1) (Re)Assess – Analyze the body-field with NES ProVison to find existing energy blockages and information distortions that compromise the body’s ability to heal.

2) Rejuvenate – Apply the NES miHealth to rejuvenate the body’s energy to clear blockages, release trigger points, and restore its proper flow through the body.

3) Re-Imprint – Correct informational distortions in the body’s systems, organs, cells and tissues with NES Infoceuticals, a range of energetic remedies imprinted with bio-information.

NES Health is revolutionizing research into what actually controls the physical human body, the Human Body-Field(HBF). Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology is telling us that we are more than just our physical body.

This research suggests that the Human Body-Field (HBF) is responsible for regulating and integrating the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and memory aspects of the physical body.

We each have a Human Body-Field that is a structured web of information and energy that underlies and informs our physical body and influences the state of our health and well-being.

The concept of the human body-field can be visualized by imagining the human body as an organic computer!


The body’s cells, tissues and organs, which have been well studied over the last 100 years, are like the ‘hardware‘ of a computer.

What has been ignored is the body’s information system, or its ‘operating system‘ (the software), and the ‘energy‘ (like electricity) needed to operate the hardware, the human body.

Just like computer software is prone to ‘bugs’ and ‘glitches’, which affect the hardware, so is the body’s information system effected by stress, trauma and illness, creating ‘distortions‘ and ‘errors‘ in the body-field resulting in impaired biological functioning.

NES Therapy works to correct the control system of your body by re-balancing, supporting, optimizing, and enhancing its information transfer and energy systems. Correct the control system of the body, re-balance, support, optimize and enhance its energy systems and health improves – dramatically!

Distortions in the Human Energy-Field are created
environmentally, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Human Body-Field is a self organizing, self-directed, intelligent system that directs the information flow of the body. This information is crucial to the functioning of the genetic, chemical and physiological processes in our bodies. Often this information is distorted setting the stage for illness and disease.

The root cause of disease is at the level of the energy and information of your body.

The NES Total Health and Wellness System gives you the opportunity to quickly and accurately analyze the state of your own body-field with a simple scanning process.

The NES Total Health and Wellness System is biotechnology at it’s best. NES Therapy is a safe, non-invasive, comprehensive wellness program that is reliable, accurate and effective. NES also has the ability to enhance other therapies you may be using.


Your first session is $149, 60 Minutes.

Monthly follow-up sessions $99, 45 minutes.

Additional miHealth sessions, $20, 15 minutes.



Total Health /NES Total WellNES System/$149


I am repeatedly amazed at how effective the NES system is in helping me increase my wellness and health. I love it!
— Deahni K., Entrepreneur & Wellness Coach