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Holistic Healing for Health & Wellness

Deahni has been in the holistic health & wellness field since 1994. She uses the most current, non-toxic, non-invasive modalities to assist her clients in gaining and/or maintaining their health. She is passionate about making the complexities of modern health issues & their potential solutions simple to understand & adopt.

Deahni Kipnis, MA

Holistic Healing for Health & Wellness

Specializing in:

  • Physical, mental & emotional detoxing & renewal for optimal health and well being.
  • Taking the complexity & overwhelm out of healing modern health challenges.
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Autonomic Response Testing

A.R.T. is an advanced form of muscle testing. It is highly effective in uncovering the root cause of health issues and finding potential solutions. This assessment technique can be used to test people of any age.

Ionic Foot Bath

This is a gentle detoxification process that helps to remove toxins from the body. An ionic foot bath is a relaxing therapy, beneficial for even the most sensitive person.


This technology improves circulation, increasing the flow of blood to more easily move oxygen, nutrients, etc. through the body. When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies function better and it becomes easier to achieve better health.


Reconnective healing is scientifically supported and known to facilitate significant improvement in all arenas of daily life including physical well being, mental clarity, emotional inner peace and spiritual life progress.


CLAS is a stress management program designed to provide deep and lasting relaxation through the stabilization and balancing of the central nervous system using color, light, aroma & sound.