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Relieve Stress. Be Well


VigorMe is a health & wellness center in Miami focusing on relieving stress  physically, mentally and emotionally. We are about helping people like you create and maintain health and well being. We are holistic in our view of life understanding that the body, mind and spirit work together in playing a role with our health and well being. All of our services are safe, non-toxic & non-invasive.

Our model is cooperative and integrated. All of our therapies enhance and/or support the work other doctors and practitioners may be using with our clients. We also believe that all people do better in a loving and caring environment. 

We combine these beliefs with cutting edge technologies and create a winning scenario fostering health and well being for everyone associated with VigorMe. We make getting and staying healthy an enjoyable, supportive and easy experience. We are dedicated to helping you. Visit our well-being center and be supported by a welcoming and caring staff as you embark on amazing experiences of health and wellness.

A divine experience!! Will come back as often as I can.
— Anonymous